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about us - Posh Journeys has been established in 1987.  We are an exclusive tour company and have been designing and escorting very special, international tours ever since. We are based in Reno, Nevada, but our clientele is world-wide. From 1975 to 1986 Helga has worked for a prestigious travel agency in Colorado Springs as a special coordinator of upscale international tours for individuals and prestigious private groups, including automobile events in Europe. After moving to Reno in 1986 we established Posh Journeys the following year.

ABOUT OUR TOURS - Our tours are small, 5 to 15 participants, seldom more. We aim to experience a destination rather than see it from a bus window. We avoid the average tourist trap like the plague. Of course, we include the "must see" places, but on our terms. We either spend the night at such a place to be there before or after the onslaught of the tour buses. We make all of our arrangements for hotels, restaurants other suppliers, on a one-on-one bases. The hotels and restaurants we select are not necessarily big hotels with with the most stars, rather we select them for their charm, atmosphere, history, ambience, location and service. We want our clients to see and experience a destination to return home with memories of special places, special meals and special sights. 

SPECIAL TOURS - We don't compete with other tour operators or copy them. Over the years we have set up a several tours that are one-of-a-kind, that can not be found elsewhere. Among these special tours are: 

The Mille Miglia Tour -  For those not in the know, the Mille Miglia is a historic and prestigious Automobile Rally in Italy held each May. We are the only tour company offering an upscale tour where the Mille Miglia is the main event, not a side line.

In 2001 we became the originators of the
Panda Volunteer Tours to the Giant Panda Research Center in Wolong, in China. The tour was first developed by our associate in Beijing, Joe Zhou. He spend many month working with the Panda Research Center which is run by the Chinese Goverment and the World Wildlife Fund, obtaining all the necessary permissions to bring in clients who would work with the keepers, caring for the pandas. In the years that followed others jumped on the bandwagon and started to copy us, one large big name tour company went as far as to copy our itinerary day by day except when it came to volunteering to the pandas. It was one half day on which participants got to feed a panda an apple. There is no one that can even come cloth to our Panda Volunteer Tour. On our tours our clients are VIP's at the panda bases, receiving preferential treatment.

The Great Swiss Train Tour - This is the only tour all by train through Switzerland. There are other so-called train tours to Switzerland which may hve one or two sections that are on a train. Ours is all by train from Zurich in the north to Lugano in the south. Next year, we will offer two tours. One in the spring with our traditional itinerary where clients with extended stays on Lake Lucern, in Grindelwald, in Zermatt, in the old city of Chur and after an overnight stop in Tirano on the Italian side of the Bernina Pass, participants have three nights on Lake Lugano. Our second tour in the fall will take particpants to Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc in France. Mont Blanc is spectacular and is Europe's highest peak. From there the group travels to Montreux on Lake Geneva, then to the mountain hamlet of Montagne-Alternative, a luxury resort incorporated in an ancient Swiss mountain village.The tour then continues to Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn, to Muerren and ending on Lake Lucerene. Keep an eye on our web site for the itinerary

Posh Journeys Christmas Nutcracker Tour - This tour is not run-of-the mill Chistmas Market Tour, but a leisurely upscale tour with extended stays, special meals and visits to destinations other tours do not include. When you search for Christmas Tours you will find a great number of dime-a-dozen tours, but if you look at the days of these tours, the inclusions and what you have to pay out of your pocket you may be surprised how resonable our Christmas Nutcracker Tour is.

Google as much as you want,  you you won't find a tour that is even remotely similar to our
Great Chocolate Tour, a dream tour for chocolate lovers and foodies that takes participants from Paris to Switzerland, on a most incredible food journeys with highlights such dinner at Jules Verne, the restaueant atop the Eiffel Tower, and a stay in a elegant rustig Swiss mountain resort in a tiny hamlet away from the rest of the world.

YOUR TRAVEL INVESTMENT -   Most important of all, your travel investment is never at jeopardy. We make sure that all of our deposits are refundable until sixty days before a tour departs. Should a tour not have the necessary number of participants we can cancel our arrangements without penalty, and your deposit is promptly and fully refunded. However, it is rare that we cancel a tour since, even without the required number of participant, we make all efforts to operate the tour anyway.

PRIVATE TOURS - A specialty are private tour tailored to your requests, either for as few as two persons, or for a small or larger group. For more details click here for!  TOURS BY REQUEST

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Left to right: A tulip field in Holland - On the beach in Danang, Vietnam - A mountain hamlet in Switzerland - A chapel in Bavaria - A pretty little girl in Vietnam

A dining room in a 17th century wine storage cellar - The Castlello di Pvone in Italy - Myself with a client in Zermatt - A mountain meadow in Bavaria - Lake Bled, Slovenia

 The Yangtze in China - An oyster farm in Vietnam - Playing with pandas in Bifenxia, China - Having a beer atop the Gornergrat in Switzerland  - The Chocolate Tour group in Antwerp
Left to right: Sunset in Vitznau on Lake Lucerne, Muerren Switzerland, the Adriatic Sea on Losinj Island in Croatia



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