Venice Off-Season
Late Fall and into November or during the winter month 


is a time of sublime solitude in Venice. The narrow streets and the piazzas which are not jam-packed with tourists and  are silent and empty. Mist hovers over the canals which evaporates as the sun climbs higher into the sky. A very special experience we offer is a 6 hour cruise on the Lagoon to see Venice as the fishermen saw it in past centuries. No other time can you experience the magic of Venice as deeply as during the days when the city belongs more to the locals as to the tourists. 

If you are game to don a coat which does not mean that you may not have days of sunshine, then contact us for an off-season tour to Venice to experience this fabulous city without the crowds, the noise, the high prices. Stroll through the empty streets and piazzas in the company of a knowledgeable host who will not only show you all the fantastic sights of Venice but the nooks and crannies as well. And when you need a break stop in a local bacaro and rub shoulders with the locals, all who have come for time out to nibble on an array of luscious snacks along with a glass of wine. A fantastic add on are a few days in Venetia, the province on the mainland bordering Venice, a historic region with many stately villas set lush surroundings.

Torcello Island seen from the Lagoon


Beautiful accommodation in a lovely hotel in the very center of Venice and meals in fine trattorias all which are known for their exceptional cuisine, (you have breakfast lunch and dinner each day included) will make this a very special winter get'away at half the cost one would have to pay for the same during the tourist season when prices in Venice skyrocket. 

If you are want to experience Venice without the crowds send us an e-mail or call us at 775.852.5105.

Helga van Horn

Posh Journeys  

Posh Journeys
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